8 Black House Exteriors & Black Paint Colors You'll Love (2024)

There has been a rise in popularity of houses painted dark, bold colors such as dark blue, green and black. Black House Exteriors in particular are beautiful and a gorgeous choice for an exterior paint color.

I love a good trend, but when it comes to painting the exterior of our houses, you want to be sure. Let’s explore some of the best black exterior paint choices as of 2023.

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The main question about black houses is whether it is a good idea? Why? WHY NOT? Should you commit to black painted brick? Black painted siding? What happens if I do paint the exterior of my home black?

If dark and moody aren’t your thing, try these white houses with black trim instead.

You may also be interested in accent colors for brick homes.

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Pros and Cons of a Painting Your Home Exterior Black

Let’s explore some of the pros and cons of having a black house exterior. Is it a good choice, are there any things to watch out for or consider? All those burning questions. Pros first:

  1. Modern flair-black is one of those versatile colors that seems to go with everything as an accent color. When it is the main color, it has a bold and instantly modern statement.
  2. Black Beauty-Black is a supremely gorgeous color. I love it on a house an it makes statement that won’t easily be forgotten.
  3. Highlights Features-If your house has interesting architectural details, ornate trim work, contrasting materials like brick and stone, then these features can be highlighted with an all black exterior
  4. Great Contrast-Imagine a black house against a green background of trees and nature. Green and black mix beautifully together.

Now for the cons:

  1. Fading Beauty-As we all know, Sunlight is attracted to darker colors. Since houses are outside, their color can fade faster in direct sunlight. This used to be the case anyway, however, new technologies in exterior paint make it resistant to fading.
  2. Picking the Wrong Color-We will discuss paint color options next, but don’t pick this black paint color on a whim. Do your due diligence to make sure it is the right option for your home exterior and get samples!.
  3. Harshness-Black can be associated with darker things and may be an unpopular choice in your neighborhood so keep this in mind especially if you have an HOA
  4. Heat-Sunlight is attracted to dark colors and will heat up faster than lighter colors. In the summer, I can only imagine the effect this will have with our Southern Summers.

8 Popular Exterior Black Paint Colors Options

Next let’s discuss some of the best black exterior black paint color choices. These are a selection of paints from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and 1 from Farrow & Ball.

  1. Tricorn Black-Sherwin Williams
  2. Graphite-Benjamin Moore
  3. Black Magic-Sherwin Williams
  4. Iron Ore-Sherwin Williams
  5. Wrought Iron-Benjamin Moore
  6. Railings-Farrow & Ball
  7. Rock Bottom-Sherwin Williams
  8. Black Beauty-Benjamin Moore

Tricorn Black-Sherwin Williams

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Tricorn black is a super popular black color from Sherwin Williams. It has little to no undertones unlike other blacks. The drama it would add to your home exterior is unparalleled. This is a super gorgeous choice. I especially love it on the brick next to the stone.

Graphite-Benjamin Moore

Graphite by Benjamin Moore is another excellent choice for an exterior black paint color. It leans more deep charcoal gray than true black, but still gives that muted dramatic, moody effect. This color is stunning on the wood siding of this house.

Black Magic-Sherwin Williams

8 Black House Exteriors & Black Paint Colors You'll Love (3)

Black Magic by Benjamin Moore is a warmer black hue than the previous two. It has red and purple undertones. In natural light, it feel like a true black that looks super crisp next to a contrasting white.

I love this model from Sherwin Williams with the shutters and garage door in a crisp white next to the black exterior paint.

Iron Ore-Sherwin Williams

Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams is a soft black color. It isn’t a true black with an LRV of 6, however it can appear true black in certain lights. This color does particularly well when paired with creamy whites (as shown above), blues and greens.

Railings-Farrow & Ball

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Railings from Farrow & Ball is a popular choice among architects. It is a gorgeous choice for a black house paint. I love it next to the crisp white contrasting trim, such a timeless look on this timeless house.

Wrought Iron-Benjamin Moore

8 Black House Exteriors & Black Paint Colors You'll Love (5)

Wrought Iron from Benjamin Moore is a soft and muted black color. It is a mix of gray, navy, and black. In certain lights it appears a dark charcoal, and it can appear Navy in others. Look at this Seattle home with the wood accents. Absolutely Gorgeous!

Rock Bottom-Sherwin Williams

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Rock Bottom is actually a dark green almost black color. In the light, it shows its green and charcoal undertones. You can see a bit of a green glimmer on the columns against the stone flanking this home is breathtaking.

Black Beauty-Benjamin Moore

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Black Beauty from Benjamin Moore is a warm toned black. It has hints of brown that make it very welcoming and enveloping for a black house exterior. I love the siding and the cinderblock both painted with the same black exterior paint color.

Final Thoughts

Exterior black paint on a home is not for everyone. Bold, moody, and dark exteriors are growing more and more popular by the year so it may be something you want to consider. I hope this list of 8 black paint colors and black painted home exteriors gave you some inspiration!

Remember the pros and cons we talked about and that this is not a cheap mistake, so get you some samples from Samplize!

8 Black House Exteriors & Black Paint Colors You'll Love (8)
8 Black House Exteriors & Black Paint Colors You'll Love (2024)
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